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Chief Editor

Shishkin Sergei Ivanovich (the chairman; Chief Editor), Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Professor, Head of Constitutional Law and Theory of Law Department, Law Institute of the Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Education «Irkutsk State University»

In 1980 he graduated from the Law Faculty of ISU with a degree in Law, qualification as a lawyer.
Total work experience: 40 years
Work experience of a teacher in the specialty: 40 years
Under the scientific supervision of S.I. Shishkin, candidate dissertations were prepared and defended:
1. Damdinov B.D. Constitutional and legal status of autonomous districts of the Russian Federation problems and prospects (based on the materials of the Aginsky Buryat and Ust-Orda Buryat autonomous districts). - Omsk, 2005.
2. Kolosov N.V. Concept and system of guarantees of local self-government. - Tomsk, 2005.
3. Yakovlev V.V. Local government bodies and officials. - Omsk, 2005.
4. Lavrik M. A. Guarantees of constitutional human rights (somatic aspect). - Omsk, 2006.
5. Shishkanov V. A. Implementation of the powers of local governments in the field of urban planning (using the example of cities in the Irkutsk region). - Omsk, 2008.
Research interests:
Regional policy
Local government
Publication activity