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Directions for improving public administration in matters of combating crime in the «forest» sphere (on Irkutsk oblast example)

Anisimov Andrey Gennadjevich, Nikerov Dmitry Michailovich
The article discusses the problems of combating crime in the forestsector, associatedwithdeficienciesinpublicadministration at the federal and regional levels. First of all, it is about making concrete decisions within the framework of social policy in the region and optimizing the interaction of law enforcement agencies, as well as subjects of prevention. Consistently, taking into account statistical information on specific examples, the authors substantiate two key thoughts. The first of them is that in the region for a long time there are conditions conducive to the commission of crimes in the field of illegal logging. For example, the number of woodworking enterprises over a long period of time was reduced until complete liquidation, while the number of logging enterprises, on the contrary, increased even in comparison with the most prosperous periods of the existence of the USSR, against the background of the fact that the considered logging regions as a whole remain depressed today. The second key idea is that combating crime in the forest industry and, above all, illegal logging is the task not only of the internal affairs agencies, but also of all forest prevention entities, subject to constant monitoring by state bodies. A number of specific solutions are proposed aimed at improving public administration in the field of combating illegal wood circulation. Among them, we should highlight such areas as support for “forest” areas of the Irkutsk region with a low standard of living for citizens, reviewing the responsibility of officials of the territorial divisions of the forestry agency, optimizing the data transfer chain as part of space monitoring of forest resources, reviewing storage issues removed from illegal circulation wood and more.
About the Authors
Anisimov Andrey Gennadjevich – Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Proceedings and Forensic Science, Irkutsk Institute (branch) of VSUU (RPA of the Ministry of Justice of Russia) (4, Nekrasova st., Irkutsk, 664011, Russian Federation), e-mail:

Nikerov Dmitry Michailovich – Senior Lecturer, Department of Legal Support for National Sefity, Institute of State and Law, Baikal State University (11, Lenin st., Irkutsk, 664003, Russian Federation), e-mail:
For citation
Anisimov A.G., Nikerov D.M. Napravleniya po sovershenstvovaniyu gosudarstvennogo upravleniya v voprosah protivodejstviya prestupnosti v lesnoj sfere (na primere Irkutskoj oblasti) [Directions for improving public administration in matters of combating crime in the «forest» sphere (on Irkutsk oblast example)]. Sibirskij yuridicheskij vestnik [Siberian Law Herald]. 2020, no 2 (89), pp. 56–60. (in Russian).
countering crime in the forest sector; interaction of subjects of prevention; state power and the fight against crime in the forest sector; illegal logging

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